About Flower World, Inc.

Flower World, Inc. was started in 1968 by John and Marijke Postema on a four acre parcel of land. During the 1970's and the 1980's bedding plants, fuchsias and foliage plants were the main crops. These were sold to the local wholesale markets and shipped nation wide to the wholesale trade. In the early 1980's local shoppers started to stop by the greenhouses to inquire about specific plant products and that was the beginning of the retail business. Until 1994 the retail nursery was located on one of the original eight-acre sites. In the spring of that year the retail business was moved to the newly constructed display greenhouses at its current location on 196th Street SE in Maltby.

Flower World is enormous, so it is very easy, as a first time customer, to be overwhelmed. We have constructed the layout of the retail greenhouses and the display areas in such a way that it becomes very easy to find the specific sections you are looking for. You will find numerous information mailboxes filled with maps of the area layout. You will also find informational plant brochures for your convenience and your use.

We are a "self-help, low-key, take-your-time and-explore" type of operation. You will not experience a hard sell technique from any of our employees. We encourage you to take your time to enjoy the displays, the flowers, the plants, the shrubs and the trees. Most of our signage is meant to inform as well as educate. The informational signs will help you choose the right plant for the right location and explain how to give it the right care. The pictures will help you visualize the blooming stages and the mature look of a plant.

We recycle plastic pots and containers and we encourage you to use the drop-off bins for your convenience. We are also accepting yard waste and horse manure. Call the office for more details.