Welcome to our e-Club !!!

We are glad that you are signing up for an e-Club membership discount card. The benefit to you will be in the form of a 10% discount card, which can be used for purchases made at Flower World, Maltby Produce Market and Marshland Orchards throughout the year.

Message to our current e-Club Members:

We will extend the 2009 thru 2016 membership cards into 2017

Same terms, same card, same savings!
If you need a replacement card, just ask for one on your next visit
Hope to see you soon!

Imagine — throughout 2017 you will be able to save 10% on everything you purchase from us (except gift certificates and delivery fees.) This means that your plant dollars for this year, to be spent at Flower World will be worth 10% more!

These are some of the reasons why you should sign up:

•  Due to the current economic financial climate we are all in, we are looking for        ways to save money for you as well as for us 
•  Since we are growing almost 95% of all plant material we offer, thereby                controlling our cost and our inventories we are able to pass these savings on to    our customers
•  To expand our mailing list in order to be able to have direct e-communication         with our customers

This is how it works:
• This discount card is ONLY available by signing
   up via the internet   
• Fill in your information as requested in the information box below       
• You will receive an automated email which requires your confirmation to join our    list   
• Your card will be available at Flower World two business days after you confirm   sign up and can be picked up at the information desk then or on your next visit  
• You can use your card as often as you want throughout the year   
• The card MUST be presented at time of purchase to qualify for the discount -        sorry, no exceptions please     
• If your card is lost, contact us for a replacement

Flower World respects the privacy of our customers and will not abuse, share, or sell any of your information.

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