Guarantee and Refund Policy

Due to the perishable nature of our products we have a limited guarantee and refund policy. Although Flower World grows about 90% of the plants at its own nurseries and greenhouses, thereby guaranteeing the utmost condition of our products, we cannot guarantee and control the conditions once the plants have left our premises. Therefore our guarantee can only be extended for one growing season, such as from spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and winter to spring.

If any purchase is found to be unsatisfactory due to disease and/or other causes originating at Flower World we will replace it, if available, or issue an in-store plant credit for the purchase price. All returns need a manager's approval.  Please return the plant with your original sales receipt and plant tag. Any complaints about dormant nursery stock items not pulling out of its dormancy will be handled on an individual basis, if Flower World has been notified in a timely manner.

Although we exercise the greatest care to identify all varieties properly, mislabeled products do not qualify for credit due to conditions beyond our control. In no event shall Flower World be liable for more than the purchase price.

Returns on non perishable items returned after more than two weeks after the original purchase date will be issued an in-store credit only.

Delivery Services

Flower World can deliver your large trees, shrubs and statuary.  Please note that all deliveries are made to 'curb side' only. 


Our basic delivery fee begins at $95.00.  If the delivery requires a second delivery person due to size  and/or weight of the purchase, the delivery fee will be 1½ times the basic fee.  For deliveries outside our basic delivery area, a Manager will determine the delivery fee based on location.

Most deliveries can be made within one week of purchase.