Nordman Fir
Nordman Fir
Colorado Blue Spruce
Live Christmas Trees

Norway Spruce
Choose from a variety of fir, spruce and pine. Sizes range from 12 inch tabletop to 6 foot trees. Visit early for the best selection, purchase the tree and we will hold it until you are ready to take it home.

After the holidays plant the tree in your yard and see it grow year after year. If you do not have a yard, surprise a friend or a neighbor and give as a gift!

Live Christmas Tree Information
Your live Christmas tree may have been dug recently and can be re-positioned in the container. Because of the cold temperature outside it is in a dormant stage until you bring it inside. After being brought inside it will need some time to adjust before being placed outside again.
Here are some steps to follow for having a live Christmas tree inside your home:
  • Tree can be inside for up to two weeks - longer increases the chance of needle-drop. Spraying with Wiltpruf (an anti-transpirant) is helpful. Trees that have been grown in the container and are established can stay indoors longer.
  • Keep soil moist, but do not over water.
  • Mist tree with water once a day when inside.
  • When the weather is freezing do not put tree outside right away, but in a cold garage or similar place. Roots will form when inside the house and dormancy is broken. Once outside again, the tree needs to adjust and go into dormancy yet again. Tree should not be in a dark place for longer than a week or two.
  • Tree can be left in container outside for an indefinite period of time as long as it is kept moist. When severe cold weather threatens the tree should be well protected.
  • Tree can be planted in early spring. 
Survival of trees varies by species
Live Trees
Best are:  Alberta, Colorado, Norway, Serbian, and Oriental Spruce followed by any of the pine varieties.
Less successful are: Cork, Douglas, Grand, Fraser, Turkish and White Fir.
Least successful are: Noble Fir.