Cercis canadensis 'Appalachian Red'
Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'

We offer the following: 

Aquatic Plants:  Check out our full list of water/pond plants and marginal plants.  Most are sold in pots that can be placed alongside stream beds and ponds or submerged in your pool or pond. The floating plants come packaged in cups filled with water. For more information on our aquatic plants, click here.

Annuals:  These are fast growing plants for flower beds to create colorful, temporary seasonal displays during spring, summer and into fall. Hundreds of varieties are available in pots and packs. We grow newly developed varieties as well as the familiar standards. 

Azaleas:  Azaleas are divided into two categories: Evergreen and Deciduous. They tolerate more sun than rhododendrons, but tend to grow better in a sun to filtered sun location. Pruning is essential for evergreen Azaleas to perform without getting too leggy. For our azalea color chart, click here.

Beneficial Insects:  Employ biological control in the garden with the use of beneficial insects. The use of bio-control means discontinuing the use of pesticides in exchange for the use of beneficial insects. For more information about beneficial insects click here.

Berry Bushes and Grapes:  (table & wine)  Create your own fruit garden.  Amazingly easy to grow. Check out our extensive selection of blackberries, blueberries, loganberries, gooseberries, raspberries and currants. The selection of grapes includes seeded and seedless table grapes. In wine grapes, we carry nine varieties from the popular Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and White Riesling. To view our berry and grape price list, click here.

 Camellias are evergreen trees or shrubs native to eastern and southern Asia. They are a very popular plant in this area due to their dark green foliage and beautiful flowers. Camellias can be grown as specimen trees, as shrubs, hedges, in containers, as espaliers or bonsai. For our camellia color chart, click here.

Deer Resistant Plants:  As our area's population increases and predators are eliminated, the local black-tail deer are increasing in numbers. Their natural food supply is dwindling so they turn to what is available in the neighboring gardens. Plant trees and shrubs that are distasteful to them. For our list of deer proof plants, click here.

Fall/Winter Plants:  Hardy mums, flowering cabbage/kale, pansies, winter blooming shrubs, blooming house plants, poinsettias, live Christmas trees and freshly made Christmas wreaths, swags and garland.  

Flowering Baskets:  Your choice of fuchsias, ivy geraniums, begonias, impatiens (doubles, singles and New Guinea) and combination baskets. An outstanding selection of the newest annual mixed baskets will be available.

Fruit and Berry Specialty Varieties:  Whether you are interested in planting figs or honeyberry, kiwi or pomegranate, we have those and many more specialty varieties. To view our 2020 availability and pricing, click here

Fruit Trees:  Delight in the planting of a private orchard! What could be more fun than growing your own fruit? Huge selection in apple, pear, oriental pear, cherry, plum, peach, apricot and a few other exotic fruits. Most trees are grafted onto semi-dwarf and dwarf root stock. For the smaller yards, the combination trees are very popular with three to four varieties of fruit grafted onto one tree.

For our 2020 fruit tree price list, click here.

For information on apple pollination, click here

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For information on plum pollination, click here.

Fuchsias:  We grow 3,000 baskets and thousands of starter plants. We grow over 100 varieties. Especially popular are the hardy fuchsias, which bloom late into the fall. For our fuchsia list, click here.

Geraniums:  Tens of thousands of ivy geraniums, Martha Washington geraniums and zonal geraniums in a multitude of varieties and colors.  We also offer Scented and Fancy-leaved geraniums.  

Groundcover:  The best known groundcover is, of course, your lawn. For the places where foot traffic is infrequent or undesirable, there are many other nice groundcovers that can be used. For our groundcover plant list, click here.

Heaths and Heathers:  These are evergreen, small shrubs with thin needle-like leaves and abundant bell shaped, urn shaped or tubular flowers. There are three classes of heaths and heathers: Calluna (true heather), Daebocia (Irish Heather) and Erica (heath). For more information on Heaths and Heathers, click here.

Hedge Plants:  There are different categories of hedge plants. Some are knee-high shrublets, mainly used for edging a walk or path. Others grow waist-high and are used for barriers and low screening. Some grow as tall as trees and are useful for windbreaks, noise reduction or screening.  For our detailed hedge plants list, click here.

Herbs:  We grow annual as well as perennial herbs including some of the most unusual scented geraniums.

Interior Foliage:  We offer 2" pot size through 15' specimens. Come out and browse through our "jungle". Hundreds of varieties are available including blooming orchids. Indoor air pollution is a problem many people might not consider. For a list of plants that help combat air pollution, click here.

Japanese Maples:  A deciduous shrub or tree, native to Japan and Korea. Very ornamental plant with lots of landscape value. These plants have year-round interest: the new young growth in the spring will have glowing red leaves turning soft green in the summer; their fall color is anywhere in the color spectrum of yellow to red to orange. For our detailed Japanese Maple list, click here.

Nursery Stock:  An extensive selection and large quantities of evergreen shrubs and trees. This includes azaleas, camellias, heather, Japanese maples, ornamental grasses, rhododendrons and vines.

Perennials:  Choose from gallons and 4" pots in over 400 cultivars including ground covers. Every month, you will find different varieties in bloom. Plan your perennial gardens to include color all season long!

Potting Soils and Bark:  Bagged bark - steer manure, play chips - and several types of soil for the different plant requirements. We also carry bark, gravel, soil, pea gravel and river rock in bulk. Sold by the half or full yard. Call for current pricing.

Roses:  The best selection of roses you will find in early spring. It may be hard to make your choice from our more than 300 varieties!  We carry Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, antique, climbers, Grandiflora, mini, and shrub. Rose trees are available in 18", 24" and 36" standards.

For our 2020 rose list, click here.

For our 2020 detailed rose list, click here.

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For information on how to treat rose problems, click here.

Vines:  Vines are some of the most versatile plants available. You can train a vine to grow upward or outward, on a flat vertical surface, up and around a post or railing, over an arbor or fence and even use them as a ground cover in some cases. For our detailed vine list, click here. 

Wetland Tolerant Plants: For plants and shrubs to survive in wet, soggy areas, the water must pass quickly through the roots to eliminate lack of oxygen. Certain plants will tolerate an excessive amount of water. If you have a problem area, see our selection. For a list of Wetland Tolerant Plants, click here.