Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'
Chelone - Turtle Head
Acer griseum - Paperbark Maple
Pennesetum s. 'Hameln'
Pansy 'True Blue'
Japanese Painted Fern
Fatsia japonica - False Aralia
Dusty Miller
Red Laceleaf Japanese Maple
Euonymous europeus - Spindle Tree Berries
Euonymous alatus - Burning Bush
Imperata - Japanese Blood Grass
Pansy - Matrix Rose Wing
Fall is in the air...
Color isn't just for annuals and perennials. Consider shrubs like Burning Bush, Witch Hazel, Barberry Bush, Japanese Maple, Smoke Bush, Yellow or Red Twig Dogwood and so much more.

These shrubs can add color at the end of summer and will brighten up your garden with colorful leaves and branches. Now is the time to check the fantastic colors on quite a few shrubs and trees that are at our nursery.

If you are looking for some low maintenance and carefree plants, you may want to consider ornamental grasses. These plants offer year-round interest with their colorful leaves, drought tolerance and the wispy inflorescence blooming into the fall and winter.
Cornus - Arctic Sun
All of these plants and shrubs have been grown at our local production greenhouses in Maltby, assuring you the freshest quality and best acclimated plants and shrubs.

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'

Although there are so many blooming perennials in the spring we generally have a much better selection of perennials as the season progresses into summer and fall.  We seed perennials during the summer for the following year's plant crop. Division of perennials grown from plugs are started in fall and winter to provide an established plant in early summer.  Don't forget to make a return visit during the summer months to see the fabulous Echinacea, Lupines, Delphiniums, Salvias, Rudbeckias and Phygelius in full bloom.  
Indoor Foliage
Ficus lyrata - Fiddleleaf Fig
It is always indoor plant season. As you will see, our greenhouses are bursting with a wonderful assortment of foliage plants.  After the summer is over, it is the perfect time to refresh and decorate your home and office with indoor plants. 

We invite you to come out and wander through our several tropical "jungle" greenhouses to enjoy the displays and wide variety of house plants. If you are looking for a small 2.5" succulent/cacti to add to your collection or for a 12' tall majestic fiddle leaf fig as a center display in your entry way... we have them all.


We have a nice and plentiful selection of Calatheas. These interesting plants are native to tropical South America and Africa and are close relatives of the Marantaceae family (Prayer Plants). Calatheas are mainly grown for their beautiful colored foliage in various shades of green, silver, white, red and pink. The Calatheas are an excellent indoor plant for medium to low light conditions and require a minimum of care.
Stromanthe amabilis
Broadleaf and Deciduous Shrubs
Camellia s. 'Appleblossom'
Our new crop of Camellias came in.

Flowering shrubs have become more and more prominent in the PNW landscape. Year-round color and the ease of maintaining these shrubs is very appealing. 

Choose from Hydrangeas, Pieris and Camellias for your shade areas. For sunnier areas in your yard, consider Chaenomeles, Potentilla and Spirea. During spring and summer these shrubs will give you a wide range of flower color, leaf variegation and different foliage textures. 

Japanese Maples
There are so many reasons to add Japanese maples to your landscape.

These deciduous shrubs and small trees are native to Japan and Korea and are very ornamental plants with slow growth. They are the most delicate and airy looking of the maple family and offer year-round interest. The new growth in the spring has glowing red, pink, yellow and bright green leaves, usually turning to a soft green in the summer. Their fall colors can astound you with a color spectrum of yellow to red to orange. The slender, bare branches will show off its interesting and intricate branch patterns for added winter enjoyment.

The grafted cultivars are generally smaller and slower in growth. Very effective as a small lawn tree, in large patio planters, in entryways and in rock gardens. Ideal for Japanese gardens and around ponds and stream beds or around your water gardens. Invaluable in contaniers and as bonsai specimens.
Ornamental Grasses
Grasses are a wonderful addition to any landscape. The wide range of attractive colors and textures makes these plants very useful in rock gardens and around ponds or stream beds. They are also an excellent choice for container gardening. We have a large selection of heights and colors.