Baby Tears
Katsura Tree
Zephranthus-Rain Lily
Imperata-Japanese Blood Grass
Dusty Miller
Prunus-Blireana Flowering Plum
Cornus Arctic Sun
Fern-Japanese Painted
Celebrate 'Plant a Tree' Month at Flower Word and Enjoy 20% Off!
Each weekend during the month of June we will have a four-day sale featuring either trees or baskets:
        May 31-June 3:  Evergreen Conifers (select varieties and sizes)
       June 7-June 10:  Fruit and Flowering Trees (select varieties and sizes)
     June 14-June 17:  Maples and Deciduous Trees (select varieties and sizes)
     June 21-June 24:  Hanging baskets (select varieties and sizes)
          June 28-July 1:  July Sale begins - 15% All Plants!

Click here to read an excellent article about the benefits of trees from the North Carolina State University Extension Service. 

Evergreen Conifer Sale - 1, 5 & 7 Gallon

Friday May 31 - Monday June 3

20% Off

Limited to supply on-hand / Not all trees available in all sizes/prices

Picea - Spruce                Abies - Fir              Thuja - Arborvitae

   Engelmann                       Grand                   Western Red Cedar

   Serbian                            Canaan                  Atrovirons Cedar

   Colorado                        Nordmann               Yellow Variegated Cedar

   Colorado Blue                                                Yellow Ribbon Cedar


                                       Miscellaneous Conifers  

                                                Douglas Fir

                                            Western Hemlock

                                              Incense Cedar

                                           Gold Rider Cypress

1 gal pots: regular price - $9.99, 5 gal pots: regular price - $39.99, 

7 gal pots: regular price - $59.99 and $69.99

e-Club members get an additional 10% discount!

Rosa - Playboy

Our roses are coming into bloom and look fantastic! We still have a large selection of climbers, trees, shrubs, minis, Grandiflora, Floribunda, Rugosa, and groundcover.

Click here to see our list of new 2 gallon bud and bloom roses priced at $14.99.

Helleborus orientalis
Although there are so many blooming perennials in the spring we generally have a much better selection of perennials as the season progresses into summer and fall. We seed perennials during the summer for the following year's plant crop. Division of perennials grown from plugs are started in fall and winter to provide an established plant in early summer. Don't forget to make a return visit during the summer months to see the fabulous Echinacea, Lupines, Delphiniums, Salvias, Rudbeckias and Phygelius in full bloom.

Broadleaf and Deciduous Shrubs
Hydrangea petiolaris Miranda
Flowering shrubs have become more and more prominent in the PNW landscape. Year-round color and the ease of maintaining these shrubs is very appealing. 

Choose from Hydrangeas, Pieris and Camellias for your shade places. For sunnier areas in your yard, consider Chaenomeles, Potentilla and Spirea. During spring and summer these shrubs will give you a wide range of flower color, leaf variegation and different foliage textures. 

Indoor Foliage
It is always the perfect indoor plant season. As you will see, our greenhouses are bursting with a wonderful assortment of foliage plants.  Now is a great time to refresh and decorate your home and office with indoor plants. 

We invite you to come out and wander through our several tropical "jungle" greenhouses to enjoy the displays and wide variety of house plants. If you are looking for a small 2.5" succulent/cacti to add to your collection or for a 12' tall indoor tree as a center display in your entry way... we have them all.