Assorted Succulents
Stromanthe amabalis
Decorative Containers and Statuary
Pansy - True Blue
Production Fields
New Greenhouse Construction
Spring is here!!!
Azalea - Hino Crimson

Spring blooming tulips, violas, pansies and perennials are starting to tell us it is Spring!  The early blooming shrubs like Pieris, Rhododendron, Azaleas, sure think so. 

Make a trip out to Flower World where we have new stock arriving weekly of all the garden plants and trees that are starting to bloom now!

Evergreen Azaleas on Sale!

We grow over 10,000 Azaleas, over 15 varieties, on sale now.  They are in bud and bloom.  Shop early for best selection.   

1 Gallon Evergreen Azaleas 3 for $10.00 (regularly $6.99 each)
Fruit Trees & Berries
Bareroot Shrubs & Trees
If you have been planning your edible garden this winter, now is the time to visit our nursery and select your fruit and berry plants!  You will find a huge selection of apple, cherry, pear, plum, peach and nectarine trees in dwarf and semi dwarf sizes, as well as combination and espalier fruit trees.  There is also a full line of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and grape bushes available.
If you are looking for different and exotic edibles, why don't you try one or more of the following shrubs: sea-berries, honey-berries, olives, figs, or persimmons?  

Planting a vegetable garden?  Currently we have seed potatoes, garlic and onion starts with more to come soon.

Mason Bees
Increase your yields on all your spring blooming fruit and berries with Mason Bees.  Mason Bees pollinate much earlier than honeybees and will pollinate your garden all summer long.  We carry a nice selection of dormant Mason Bees, bee houses, and nesting tubes to get you started.  
Gardenware Hardgoods & Fountains

Stop in and see our new expanded garden ware sections!  We have increased our line of fertilizers, tools, pots, fountains, statuary, pavers, retaining walls and irrigation supplies.   If you don't see what you need, let us know, we are continuing to expand the Gardenware and Hardware selections. 

We offer the following extensive selection of vegetable and flower seeds:

  • Burpee Seed: Nationally known with the widest selection in flower, vegetable, perennial and herb seeds.  All non - GMO. Featuring special vegetable/herb seeds with recipes on the back of each package - 'for the gardener who loves to cook and for the cooks who love to garden'
  • Ed Hume Seed: Well known local seed supplier featuring seeds that have all been tested for the Pacific NorthWest.
  • Irish Garden Seed:  Vegetables, herbs and flower seeds are all organic.  A local Washington State company. 
  • Renee's Garden Seed: Their well-known Premium and Cornucopia line of quality organic seeds. All non-GMO. Includes heirloom selections and the newest hybrids.  Try some of their Scatter Garden Canisters!
Indoor Foliage Plants

Our greenhouses are filled with a wonderful assortment of Foliage plants. After the holidays, it is time to refresh your home and office with INDOOR FOLIAGE PLANTS. We invite you to come out and wander through our tropical "jungle" greenhouses to enjoy the displays and the wide variety of house plants. If you are looking for a small 4" african violet to add to your collection or for a 12 ft. tall majestic Kentia Palm as center display in your entry way….we have them all. 

Especially nice and plentiful is our selection of Calatheas. These interesting plants are native to tropical South America and Africa and are close relatives of the Marantaceae family (Prayer plants). Calatheas are mainly grown for their beautiful colored foliage in various shades of green, silver, white, red and pink. The Calatheas are an excellent plant for medium to low light conditions and require a minimum of care.
Broadleaf Evergreens - like Camellias
These are available in shrub, tree, topiary 
and espalier form.

Flowering shrubs are becoming more and more prominent in the Pacific Northwest landscapes. People are continuously looking for year-round color as well as the ease of lower maintenance of shrubs. Choose from a wide assortment of Hydrangeas, Pieris, and Camellia’s for your shade areas. 
For the sun areas in your yard choose from Chaenomeles, Potentilla, and Spirea. During spring and summer these shrubs will give you a wide range of flower color, leaf variegation as well as different foliage textures that are so much in demand.
Cedar Pots
Colorful Pottery