Zephranthus - Rain Lily
Camellia s. Yuletide
Cornus s. Artic Sun
Cercidiphyllum j. Katsura Tree
Viola 'Sorbet Coconut Duet'
Acer griseum - Paper Bark Maple

Fall is for Planting 
We have a large selection of spring-blooming bulbs that are ready to be planted. We also have winter and spring blooming varieties of camellias in tree, espalier and shrub form. Maybe a specialty conifer is just what you need to add color, texture and winter interest to your yard. 

Refresh your yard or planters with mums or ornamental cabbage and kale.

A trip to Flower World is sure to give you lots of gardening inspiration.

One-Stop Shop for
Fall Décor

We have a wide selection of pumpkins, squash, gourds, decorative corn and corn stalks to create beautiful fall displays.

Indoor Foliage
Dracaena 'Jade Jewel'
It is always the right season for indoor house plants. Our greenhouses are full of a wonderful assortment of foliage plants.  

We invite you to come out and wander through our several "tropical jungle" greenhouses to enjoy the displays and wide variety we have available. If you are looking for a small 2.5" succulent/cacti to add to your collection or for a 12' tall indoor tree as a center display in your entry way... we have them all.

Broadleaf and Deciduous Shrubs
Camellia s. 'Appleblossom'

Flowering shrubs have become more and more prominent in the PNW landscape. Year-round color and the ease of maintaining these shrubs is very appealing. 

Choose from Hydrangeas, pieris, camellias, sarcococca, fatsia, & leucothoe for your shade areas. For sunnier areas in your yard, consider planting a deciduous shrub that will provide fall color and winter interest. Select from witchazel, fothergilla, barberry, shrub dogwoodii, and cotoneaster. These shrubs grown in a variety of heights and widths which will suit any size garden. Not only will they provide flowers and leaf color during the spring and summer months, they are equally beautiful during fall and winter.