Garden Animals
Decorative Containers and Statuary
We are constantly expanding our garden and plant related hardgoods selection.
The beautifully painted and decorative pots have been a sure hit with our customers, useful for container gardening on your deck or patio, or as decorative pots for indoor foliage plants.
Bi-weekly shipments are arriving from Malaysia, China and Vietnam. 
Three Leaf Fountain
We also carry locally manufactured statuary, containers, fountains and birdbaths.
Our Turtle and Goldfish Pond
Lupinus 'My Castle'
Celebrate Mother's Day at Flower World!!!
Prunus 'Blieriana'
Treat your mother, grandmother and mother-in-law to a visit to Flower World! Take them for a stroll in the park to see the fountains and admire the genuine waterwheel in motion. Wander through the greenhouses and garden displays bursting with amazing, colorful baskets, blooming perennials, shrubs, trees and lots and lots of annuals in bloom or just starting to flower.

Visit our produce market across the street where you will find homemade jams, herbs, vinegar, wine, dried tropical fruit snacks, delicious freshly pressed apple cider, fresh baked bread and much more! Out in the pasture you will see our new born lambs that are absolutely adorable along with goats, geese, peacocks and ducks.

Start your own Vegetable Garden this year!
Lettuce Mix

We have a great selection of early veggie starts, such as broccoli, chard, cilantro, collards, kale, lettuce, parsley, peas and onions.

Also available: are seed potatoes, strawberry starts and onion sets.
Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes

Varieties include Espalier and Combination trees, such as Fruit Salad, for small spaces. We also carry the old standard Blueberry Bushes, as well as other berries and specialty fruits including Brazelberries, Currant, Elderberry, Figs, Goumi Berry, Honeyberry, Jostaberry, Kiwi, Paw Paw and Olive.
Broadleaf Shrubs
Camelia japonica 'Nuccio's Gem'
Flowering shrubs are becoming more and more prominent in the Pacific Northwest landscapes.  People are continuously looking for year-round color as well as the ease of lower maintenance of shrubs.  Choose from a wide assortment of Hydrangeas, Pieris, and Camellia’s for your shade areas.  For the sun areas in your yard choose from Chaenomeles, Potentilla, and Spirea.  During spring and summer these shrubs will give you a wide range of flower color, leaf variegation as well as different foliage textures that are so much in demand lately.
Japanese Maples
Acer palmatum 'Full Moon'

Do you wish for something extremely colorful, eye catching and unusual for a focal point in your landscape? Then consider a Japanese Maple! 

These deciduous shrubs and small trees are native to Japan and Korea and are very ornamental plants with slow growth. They are the most delicate and airy looking of the maple family and offer year-round interest. The new growth in the spring will have glowing red, pink , yellow and bight green leaves, usually turning to a soft green in the summer. Their fall colors can astound you with a color spectrum of yellow to red to orange. The slender bare branches will show off its interesting and intricate branch patterns for added winter enjoyment. 

The grafted cultivars are generally smaller and slower in growth. Very effective as small lawn tree, in large patio planters, in entryways and in rock gardens. Ideal for Japanese gardens and around pools and stream beds in water gardens. Invaluable in tubs and as bonsai specimens.

We are happy to offer you an extensive selection of vegetable and flower seeds from the following Seed Sources:

  • Burpee Seed: Nationally known with the widest selection in flower, vegetable, perennial and herb seeds. Featuring special vegetable/herb seeds with recipes on the back of each package - 'for the gardener who loves to cook and for the cooks who love to garden"
  • Ed Hume Seed: Well known local seed supplier featuring seeds tested for the Pacific NW
  • Irish Garden Seed: Certified Organic Seeds
  • Renee's Garden Seed: Certified Organic Seeds including diverse heirloom varieties and the newest hybrids
Ornamental Grasses
Miscanthus 'Yaku Jima'
Grasses are becoming an important addition to any landscape.  The wide range of attractive colors and textures makes these plants very useful in rock gardens and around pools, ponds or stream beds.  The graceful appearance and beautiful coloring makes them also an outstanding choice in container gardening. Selections range from the dwarf clump forming varieties, such as the Ophiopogon japonicus (Mondo Grass) or Carex morrowii 'Variegata' (Japanese Sedge Grass) to the much taller growing varieties, such as the Phormiums as wel as the gracefully arching Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrina' (Zebra Grass) and Cortaderia selloana (Pampas Grass.)

Perennials have always been a large part of gardening due to the fact that they will come back, regrow, spread and flower year after year. Some perennials are herbaceous, which means that the foliage dies but the plants will regrow from their rootstock the following year.  There are also evergreen perennials that keep their foliage throughout the winter. Most of the perennials only bloom 6 - 8 weeks. The art of planting a successful perennial garden is to plan different varieties with successive blooming periods so that you can enjoy year-round color. It is always such a treat to see them come back and bloom again year after year!  

Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'
Aquilegia - Columbine
Indoor Foliage Plants
As you can see.......our greenhouses are filled to the brim with a tremendous assortment of Foliage plants. After the holidays it is time to refresh your home and office with INDOOR FOLIAGE PLANTS. We invite you to come out and wander through several of our tropical "jungle" greenhouses to enjoy the displays and the wide variety of house plants. If you are looking for a small 4" african violet to add to your collection or for a 12 ft tall majestic Kentia Palm as center display in your entry way….we have them all. 

Especially nice and plentiful is our selection of Calatheas. These interesting plants are native to tropical South America and Africa and are close relatives of the Marantaceae family (Prayer plants). Calatheas are mainly grown for their beautiful colored foliage in various shades of green, silver, white, red and pink. The Calatheas are an excellent plant for medium to low light conditions and require a minimum of care.
     Calathea makoyana          Spathiphyllum               Stromanthe Triostar              Anthurium
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