We are one of the largest retail nurseries on the West Coast in the rural town of Maltby in beautiful Snohomish County.

Our retail nursery is situated on a picturesque fifteen acres in the small town of Maltby in south Snohomish County. A unique one-of-a-kind nursery that has grown over time into what Flower World is today. As you drive into our nursery you will see a five-acre park like setting where one can wander through the gardens, pathways and view the waterwheel, ponds, ducks, and geese which roam freely. We invite you to browse through our tropical plant greenhouses which feature an indoor pond that has turtles and fish for your enjoyment. Even on a typical Pacific Northwest rainy day there is so much to see, you can stay dry since there are over three acres of greenhouses undercover. 

If perennials, shrubs, and trees or any other plant is what you are in search for, then you have come to the right nursery. We have over 200 acres that our growers and plant specialists cultivate plants from the very beginning, from seeds to cuttings to finished products, you are truly getting your plants directly from the grower. We encourage you to take your time, enjoy the displays, flowers, plants, shrubs, trees and so much more.

At Flower World we are always thinking about the environment and sustainability, for that reason we incorporate and encourage a plastic pot recycling program to help keep used plastic nursery pots out of the landfill as well as a composting and garden waste program that enables you to drop off your clean greens to us.

Why not come out and spend the day with us!