To qualify for the Flower World Wholesale discount, we must have a copy of your valid and current reseller permit showing you have a business activity in green goods, a nursery endorsement, or have a valid tax-exempt status that allows us to not charge WSST on your purchases.  Expired permits will not be honored and must be updated in the office prior to purchase.

 All NEW customers looking to establish a wholesale relationship with Flower World must do so prior to their first purchase by visiting our business office during normal business hours.

 All ESTABLISHED wholesale customers with inactive or expired documents must provide updated copies and have their account reactivated in our business office during normal business hours.  Wholesale discounts and tax exemptions will not be honored prior to having the account re-activated.

Retroactive discounts will not be given for permits or documentation provided after the purchase. 

In-Person Office Hours:
Monday – Friday   10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

(phone line available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Additional hours may be available between March 1, and July 31.

Wholesale discount as follows: 
30% - all plant material and trees
15% - specialty and holiday items
10% - hard goods 

Outdoor Palm (Trachycarpus or Chamaerops)
Gift Cards
Sale Items

 Delivery service is not available
Minimum wholesale purchase:  $100.00