Flower World is Dog Friendly

Your furry friends are welcome to join as you enjoy our beautiful grounds.
In order to keep our guests, animals, pets, and you safe, we ask that you follow a few simple rules while you are here:

  • Remember, some customers may be uncomfortable around animals they don't know, even small ones. Please be respectful and give them ample space.
  • There are free roaming birds and live animals in our parks.  Leashes are required at all times.  The geese can be cranky at times.
  • Do not allow your pets to drink from any of our hoses.  Many of the hoses bring water and fertilizer to our plants and can be harmful to animals.  We know your friends get thirsty exploring, so we happily provide clean drinking water for them throughout the property. If you need help locating water, please ask.
  • Please ensure everyone can enjoy the parks, greenhouses, and pond areas by cleaning up after your pet.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Learn About Plant Toxicity to Pets (PDF)