Wreaths, Greenery, and Holiday Containers

No holiday decor is complete without a traditional wreath or some freshly cut greenery.  Flower World has fresh garland, various sizes of wreaths, containers, swags, twigs, and branches to complete your holiday look.


From holiday trees, wreaths, boughs and garland to berries, branches, poinsettias and everything in between, Flower World has what you need to decorate every corner of your indoor and outdoor space. 


Welcome to the Jungle. Bring the outdoors in. Create a “living” living or workspace. Not only do indoor plants help to filter pollution and improve air quality, they also create a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Garden Accents & Pottery

New plants require the tools to care for them and keep them growing strong. Decorative pots are great for bringing plant life to your porch, deck, around the yard or indoors.

Statuary and Fountains

Garden statuary and fountains can help to define the personality of your outdoor space, create a focal point and add your own personal style to your yard, garden, atrium and more. 


The Backbone of Landscaping. Trees do so much to create a beautiful yard from providing shade, offering vibrant colors, flowers, fruits and homes for birds and small animals, there are so many reasons to plant a tree.


Large, medium or small, shrubs create structure while creating a pop of greenery and color. Shrubs will live year after year and with endless options, they can bring beauty and fragrance while attracting birds, bees and butterflies. Shrubs include azaleas, camellias, roses, rhododendrons and many more.

Ornamental Grasses

Low-Maintenance Showstoppers. No garden is complete without at least a few of these desirable plants in the landscape. Choose from grasses that are either evergreen or deciduous.

Hedges & Privacy Screening

Fences make good neighbors. The same can be said for a privacy hedge. Whether you want to create a screen between your property and the neighbors, block out an unsightly area or add a beautiful border around your yard, there are many privacy screening trees and shrubs that will get the job done. There are different categories of hedge plants.


The best time to select roses is in late January and early February. Local nurseries generally receive their new roses in after the beginning of the new year. Here at Flower World we bring in thousands of roses each season.

Ground Covers

The best-known groundcover is, of course, your lawn. It is greatly suited for walking and playing on. For the places where foot traffic is infrequent or undesirable, there are many other nice groundcovers that can be used. 

Edible Gardening

What is better than reaping what you sow? If you’ve ever dreamt of being your own farmer and growing your own fresh vegetables and fruit, early spring is the time to prepare. 

Fruit Trees & Nuts

There is nothing better or more satisfying than harvesting your own crop of edibles after nurturing them all season. Whether you want to create your own orchard or grow a single combination fruit tree, there are endless options for growing fruit and nuts in your own yard. For small areas, consider a dwarf, espalier or columnar tree to save on space.


Plant once to enjoy time and time again. Growing from rhizomes, tubers, bulbs or corms, perennials are meant survive the winter and come back for at least 2-3 years, if not more.

Hardscape Products

Create an  outdoor oasis with pavers, retaining walls and stepping stones. Choose from our circle kits to highlight a piece of statuary or a fountain, create a space where friends and family can gather or design a walkway connecting garden spaces. 


Trail or Train up a Trellis. Add some natural beauty to a structure, fence or trellis with vining plants. Whether you are looking for greenery or something with flowers, vines can spruce up many spaces with their beauty. Vines are some of the most versatile plants available.

Soils & Amendments

Healthy plants grow from the ground up and insure your plants have all the nutrients they need in order to thrive with quality soils sold in bags or bulk and fertilizers to give them the boost they need throughout the year.


Annuals will bring life and color to your seasonal garden and allow you to create a unique space each year. Choose from shade-loving or sun-loving annuals to embellish virtually every outdoor space including porches, decks, shaded yards or full-sun areas.