Flower World’s sustainability and how it affects society and the environment.

Flower World is a strong believer in the need for sustainability. As a result, we put many resources into developing solutions that we can adopt.  Water and plastic recycling, garden waste composting, and greenhouses equipped with state-of-the-art high efficiency boiler systems, are some of the ways we are doing this. 

Sustainability has three bottom lines, the economical bottom line, the social bottom line, and the environmental bottom line. Without the economic bottom line there cannot be an environmental bottom line nor a social bottom line. By carefully maneuvering around these bottom lines we provide true sustainability.

Economic Bottom Line

The economic bottom line includes a clear awareness of what customers can afford and how we can reward our employees who help deliver this awareness. Over 90 % of what we sell is produced by Flower World.  Efficiency of operation is not just a fancy word, it is a daily task for Flower World employees.  This will benefit our customers and employees alike.

Environmental Bottom Line

The environmental bottom line is being served not just in name, but in the daily tasks of recycling all of that is recyclable. Cartons that are being reused for carry out, millions of plastic pots that are collected from customers and sorted for reuse, and garden waste that is recycled for many future years of garden soil. Flower World receives and composts thousands of cubic yards of horse manure and garden waste per year. Composting is a way of life at Flower World. 

Our efforts are extensive in keeping our water runoff separate from the natural water flow that runs throughout all the properties. This requires expansive storage facilities and natural treatment and is an element of reuse.

Social Bottom Line

The social bottom line is that Flower World is not only a retail nursery but a working nursery and farm where plants and vegetables are grown and where animals are raised. Along with the natural beauty that Flower World has to offer, there also is a five-acre park with gardens, ponds, fountains, water wheel, chickens, ducks, and geese. All customers and locals are welcome to visit the park any time to enjoy with family and friends. Flower World truly is a world of flowers, plants, and a whole lot more. 

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