Flower World uses a plastic pot recycling program to help keep used plastic nursery pots out of the landfills. 

We recycle unwanted nursery containers that may have accumulated at your home during the gardening year. Our growers will make full use of these containers by reusing the plastic pots in our nursery program. There are two recycle bins onsite in the parking lot for your convenience. Since we are not able to use all nursery pots, we have created a sample board next to each recycle bin showing the types of pots, baskets, and trays that we are able to accept. If you need to drop off a large number of pots please contact us, so we can assist you. 

Please note that since we use recycled pots in our nursery occasionally a price sticker from another company may have been left on a recycled pot. We apologize for any confusion this may cause with pricing. We hope that you appreciate our recycling practices and understand that we do not honor another company’s price stickers that are accidentally left on reused pots.

Recycle pots