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Heaths & Heathers

There are three classes of heaths and heathers: Calluna (true heather), Daebocia (Irish heather) and Erica (heath) All are evergreen, small shrubs with thin needle-like leaves and abundant bell shaped, urn shaped or tubular flowers. All heaths and heathers need excellent drainage and acid soil. Sandy soil with peat moss is usually good, heavy clay is usually fatal. Feed heaths and heathers in early spring with acid fertilizer or compost, mix in lightly. They are not heavy feeders. Plants should never dry out, but do not keep them too moist either. They like a sun to partly cool shade area. Prune plants after blooming to keep neatly trimmed and in shape. If chosen correctly between varieties you can have color year round. Blooming time is usually 8-10 weeks from beginning to end. Tree heaths are very tolerant of alkaline and acid soils. Heaths need to be pruned in youth so that they can become bushy when they mature. Be careful of heavy snowfall, branches can damage easily.

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Heaths & Heathers

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