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Azaleas are divided into two categories: Evergreen and Deciduous. Evergreen azaleas are then divided into subgroups. Each variety will vary in size but, as a general rule, evergreen azaleas are as high as they are wide. The group in which they belong as well as the hybridizer will determine their height and hardiness. Deciduous azaleas are Exbury azaleas. These azaleas will lose their leaves in the winter and bear large or clusters of small rhododendron-like flowers in early spring or summer like the evergreen azaleas. Deciduous azaleas tend to have flowers that are in shades of yellow, pink, orange, red and white. Most varieties are even fragrant! Azaleas will tolerate more sun than rhododendrons but tend to grow better in sun to filtered light location; especially in areas where the sun is too hot. Pruning is essential for the evergreen azaleas to perform without getting too leggy. Always prune to shape after flowering. This will ensure that you will not prune off any of the current season's flowers.

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