Determines rates of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides as required by the crops and/or directs the application of them.   Must have the ability to calculate proper amounts, proportions, percentages, and volume in relation to the application of fertilizers, chemicals, and water.

  • Conducts annual inventory of all Pesticides as required by law.
  • Responsible for fertilizer and pesticide room management including cleanliness, organization, tank levels, and area security at all locations.
  • Understanding of injector use, electrical conductivity, and pH meter.   
  • Staying current on knowledge of safe handling, application, and storage of fertilizers and pesticides.  This includes ongoing education as license requires.
  • Provides pesticide and safety training to all employees and maintains records as required by Federal and/or State regulations.


  • Scouting, spraying, posting, and follow up.
  • Communication and Training of staff for safe application procedures.
  • Coordination of spraying schedules with production and retail teams.
  • Proper, timely, and accurate completion of required forms.
  • Tracking of pesticide inventories.
  • Maintaining fertilizer levels in irrigation systems.


  • Current Private Applicator License
  • Relevant experience in various industry related safety regulations.
  • Working knowledge of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and fertilizers.
  • 2 years of practical spraying in a greenhouse setting.