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Holiday Wreath and Container Workshop FAQ

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What are the workshop dates?
Wreath workshops are held every Thursday through Monday starting November 16th and  continues until December 11th, 2023.
Container workshops are held every Friday through Monday starting November 17th and continues until December 11th, 2023.
Workshops are not held November 23rd, 2023 as we are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

How long is each workshop?
Each session is 1-hour in length.  The workshops will be very busy, so we ask that you arrive early and be respectful of the time of those in the session to follow.

Can I make more than 1 wreath or container per session?
You are welcome to make more than 1 wreath or container as long as all of your work is completed in the 1 hour time limit.  Workshops are full and the next session will begin promptly.

Is the workshop appropriate for children?
Yes!  Anyone who is able to press the foot pedal of the wreath machine can make a wreath.  Containers simply require your hands and creativity.  We ask that all children under the age of 12 are accompanied by an adult.

How much do the workshops cost?
The workshop instruction and use of our machines is Free.  You are welcome to use as much or as little of the greenery and decorations as you choose to complete your project.  Simply pay for the item you create.  Prices are posted at the workshop. 

What can I expect during the workshop?
To have fun and make wonderful holiday traditions!  Our instructors will advise you through each step and be available to assist and answer questions as you create your wreath or container.  No previous experience is required.  You will select from multiple types of greenery, decorations, cones, twigs, branches, and more.  Your only limitation is your imagination.  

Can I bring a large group?
We have 5 wreath making machines and space for 2 people to make containers per session.  You are welcome to "pair up" to make a wreath or container if you have additional attendees.  Remember that there are others to follow your session so please respect the end time of your session.  

Are reservations required?
Reservations are highly recommended.  The sessions fill up quickly.  If you arrive without a reservation and there is an opening, we will gladly accommodate you. 

How do I make a reservation?
Reservations are first-come-first serve and can only be made by calling our office, 360-668-9575.  No deposit is required to make a reservation.  We ask that if you need to change or cancel a reservation, please call us as soon as possible.  Each year we have a waiting list and others would love to fill your vacated session.

What should I wear?
The workshops are held in the greenhouses and can be chilly.  We recommend warm layers and comfortable shoes.

Can I bring snacks?
Yes.  We also have limited snacks available for purchase and free coffee and hot apple cider.

Please call our office, 360-668-9575, if you have any additional questions.



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