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Blog: Seasonal News

Indoor Plant Sale Week #3 and Ceramic Pot Sale Newsletter 1.19.2024

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Week #3
"The Hanging Ones".

Looking to compliment the plants on your windowsills and shelves?
Hanging baskets are perfect for small spaces, pleasing to the eyes,
and will add depth and beauty 
to your "garden oasis".

All indoor foliage baskets will receive  
20% Discount
January 19 - 25, 2024

e-Club members receive an additional 10% discount
(excludes Jasmine)

"Beauties in the Dark"
The Aglaonema & Calathea Sale has been extended
through January 25, 2024.


Ceramic Pots on Sale
pots use

For the first time ever... Our ceramic pots are on sale!
  Add new colors, change styles, replace damaged pots, or just 
refresh your look for Spring.  Regardless of why, now is the time!

Ceramic Pots - all sizes
20% Discount
January 19 - February 4, 2024

e-Club members receive an additional 10% discount
(excludes Clay, Plastic, and Lightweight Pots)

Indoor Plant Selection and Care Clinic
house side 2024 micro

It is time to shake the chill, get out of your house, and start talking plants!
Attend our first free clinic of this year where we will be discussing light requirements, watering techniques, feeding, and everything else
pertaining to indoor plants.

January 20, 2024 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
(RSVP is not required to attend)